What kind of feedback is SA Health looking for on this plan?

    The Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan 2023-26 contains action-based outcomes to address the main challenges identified in veteran health and wellbeing.  

    We would like to hear what you think about the key priority areas identified and actions outlined in the plan.

     Any other feedback you would like to provide is also welcomed.

    Why is veteran identification in the Health System important?

    Within the health system presently, a person is only identified as a veteran or a dependent of a veteran if they are holders of a Department for Veteran Affairs (DVA) White Card or Gold Card.  

    The White Card provides for medical treatment for accepted service-related injuries or conditions and all mental health conditions.

    The Gold Card provides for clinically required treatment for all medical conditions. Gold card holders can also access a range of services, and support and is also available to eligible veteran dependants.

    Veteran patients who present in the SA Health system who are not in possession of a DVA White Card or Gold Card may not be routinely identified as a veteran. This means that not all veteran patients or dependants will be identified when accessing and receiving services. Improving the availability of data on veterans who access the health system will help us with better information on their service needs and utilisation.   This will assist with future health service planning.

    We recognise that not all patients want to be identified as a veteran when accessing services.  

    A key action in the Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan 2023-26 is to investigate options to improve veteran identification in the health system and aged care facilities.

    What is a Veteran Wellbeing Centre / Veteran and Family Hub?

    The Veteran Wellbeing Centre, situated within the Repat Health Precinct at Daw Park,was established in April 2021 and is a dedicated space where veterans and their families can access a range of services for veterans, both on an appointment basis and as a drop-in centre. The services include accredited veteran wellbeing and compensation advocacy services, mental health assessment and counselling, and health and wellbeing programs. 

    Objectives of the Program are to provide coordinated service delivery that facilitates improved access to health and wellbeing services needed by veterans and their families and to provide innovative and flexible models of service delivery and achieve better integration of government and non-government support for veteran wellbeing.

    Commonwealth Government capital grants are funding 18 Centres across Australia, in partnership with ex service organisations and state and territory governments, to support veterans and their families. 

    Seeking support

    NOTE -this forum is not a forum to seek help. 

    If you are concerned about the health or wellbeing of yourself of a loved one, seek support and information by accessing one of the services listed below.